Does God have a place for ALL men?

I wrote to you all earlier this week regarding a somewhat controversial concept (losing our salvation). My belief continues to stand firm and continues to grow stronger. I also understand that answering the question of whether or not we can lose our salvation brought more questions to the surface. Let us look at the verse again.

Revelation 21:19 “And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.”

Another thing that this verse in Scripture suggests is that all men have a place prepared for them in Heaven, specifically New Jerusalem (the capitol city of Heaven). Something that I have been thinking about for some time now whether or not God really prepared a place for EVERYONE. If so, this would truly show His love and want for all humanity to follow Him. After writing about this, I am sure that there will be more questions to try and answer. The more we see, it seems, the less we know.

We see that God created humanity for one purpose, to worship Him. In doing so, the desires that God placed within us are met wholeheartedly. So it would make sense that God created the Holy City, and the Tree of Life, for everyone who would ever be. As I described in my last post, people who do not believe or trust the prophecies written in the Book will have their share taken from them.

If God prepared a place for every human being, this would have to mean that every human being is absolutely free to choose whether they give God their lives or not. Those who choose God, keep their inheritance. Those who do not choose God, do not keep their inheritance.

This brings to light certain questions including: Where does the whole idea of predestination come from? Does God really have foreknowledge if He prepared a place for people who would not choose Him?

I will do my best to answer the question of predestination in a later post, but I will share some of my thoughts regarding foreknowledge now.

In Genesis 1:1 we read that God created the Heavens and the Earth in the beginning. This means that God created something before He created the Heavens and the Earth. He created time. If He did not, then there would not be a beginning, there would only be. That is what God is, “I am” (John 13:19). We cannot say that God existed before time, because one cannot be before anything when time is not present. He simply was. So, God created time. This means that God is outside of time and infinitely transcendent.

After we attempt to try and understand this we can only come to one solution. Since God is outside of time, He can see all of time as one thing. Something that He created. This is why He could stop the movement of time in Joshua 10. This is why God can claim to have foreknowledge without placing any restrictions on our ability to choose, and our ability to choose is absolutely necessary for our love to be true toward God.

So, naturally we will be discussing predestination soon, and whether or not it is affected by God’s foreknowledge in any way.

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