Becoming More Than a Business, Ministry, or Church

I remember sitting in the student lounge as a university student with a few friends talking about how we would take over the world. Our plan? Start a public speaking ministry. At that moment, I devoted most of my energy to self-promotion–convincing myself that I was impacting the world for good when, in reality, I only cared about building my own kingdom on the earth

Well, it worked. Now with the maximum number of friends on Facebook and a worldwide audience that will greatly exceed 30,000 people this year (only on my personal blog and not including peripheral impact), I figured out that I am good at self-promotion. The statistical trend doesn’t seem to be slowing but quickening.

I was convicted last year (October 2020) that my pursuits were too self-centered and that I might be using the gospel as a tool to advance my own kingdom rather than Christ’s. Yes, I was preaching an accurate Gospel. No, I wasn’t aware of my blasphemy and idolatry. Yes, I believe God works all things together even when we misprioritize and do not notice our sin. I was forced to ask the question, “What does it take to be more than a preacher or blogger who promotes his own material.” What does it take to do more than build a church organization? What does it take to do more than build a ‘successful’ ministry? What does it take to be more than a person whose material is read around the world? What does it take to actually benefit the world rather than merely speak words and have some perceived influence? I’ll tell you what humbled me and set me up for impact greater than I could have ever imagined:

Liberation from the success syndrome

The success syndrome measures success by numbers–numbers in dollars, attendees, impressions, click-throughs, hits, etc… Those infected with the success syndrome see their ministry or business as their own and seek to build their own kingdoms or impact as part of their mission. Those who bear the marks of this infection don’t normally realize it. I didn’t.

Liberation from the success syndrome in Christ now leads me to sincerely serve others at a fair price (or free) and to accept no paycheck from my non-profit operations. Liberation from the success syndrome leads me to promote others and consider other individuals, ministries, churches, and businesses to be more important than my own.

Liberation from competitive thinking

Such liberation leads to freedom from competitive thinking. If we play the numbers game, we are destined to contrast ourselves against others by our results. The numbers game forces us to be a people of equity rather than equality, which causes disunity because we are thinking about our bottom lines (whether denominations of money or people) rather than lifting people up. Competitive thinking not only drives selfish business and ministry practices, but the new racism and sexism of our day–equity.

Liberation from conditional love

Focus on our equity (whether denominations of money or people) leads to an inescapably conditional love. We are forced to love those who have more money because we can get more from them. We are forced to love those who have certain skin colors or identify certain ways according to cultural standards because we desire certain outcomes (whether graduating a certain percentage of a particular ethnic group or waving a flag to get more business). Conditional love leads to explicit discrimination, even if we claim not to discriminate because our service to others is conditional and based on our conditional love.

As a result of my liberation:

I am capable of a greater degree of love toward my church family because I don’t care as much about my own agendas as I do about the genuine good of my local church family.

I am able to pursue the sincere good of my community and ask others to join me to better the world.

I have an audience, more than 30,000 strong. I’m now interested in serving that audience rather than simply building up numbers of readers, listeners, and viewers. I want to invite you to become humanitarian heroes with me.

Display this badge whey you become a humanitarian hero by scheduling your monthly donation.

When you become a monthly contributor, like I am, to my ministry’s new grant fund, I will promote your business, ministry, church, blog, website, or whatever to my audience and you may place the humanitarian hero badge on your website to let people know you are more than a blog, organization, or business. As a reminder, I receive $0 from your contribution. I am interested in serving humanity by helping to facilitate sustainable businesses, ministries, and churches around the world.

I also offer several other services to help raise money for our humanitarian efforts:

If you, as a pastor, are interested in reaching an online audience, we will work with you to produce video and audio according to your needs. Contact now to request a consultation.

We would be happy to design a website and/or logo for you. Contact now to request a consultation. We can also provide custom domain email addresses for your team. Contact now to request a consultation. We will even maintain your website for you so you don’t have to worry.

We can add you to our list of approved speakers to hire for our seminars and conferences. Send us a link to a recording of you teaching and your expositional writing. We want to promote good, expository, preachers and teachers. We also want to have speakers who have built sustainable businesses ready to pour into students and entrepreneurs desiring to start their own endeavors.

We want to help you develop custom outreach material for your church. Contact us for a consultation.

We will design and run local, national, or international ads to direct traffic to your website. Contact us for a consultation.

From your books and calendars to your outreach material, we’ve got you covered.

Be a guest in our podcast if there is an issue that you are passionate about. If you are doing something unique to participate in the advance of God’s kingdom, we’d like to use your story to inspire others. Contact for details.

Send me a message to get started and serve the world with me. Visit to see what our ministry is about. Visit my personal blog, to get to know my heart.

We have grant requests coming in. We hope to provide our first scholarship in May 2022. There are many immediate needs. As I write this, we are only 1% funded. The world needs you.


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