The Ninety-Five, Episode 04: Preaching Buildings and Budgets

The Ninety-Five
The Ninety-Five
The Ninety-Five, Episode 04: Preaching Buildings and Budgets

Are we building up Christ’s body or our own empires? Are we seeking men from mammon or mammon from men? They way many churches do ministry is like pulling a fish from the water and expecting it to provide a drink.

In this episode, James and Andrew talk about materialism in the church. The ways of the world are so engrained that, instead of seeking after people, we seek what we might gain from people–money, attendance, righteousness, validation, comfort, praises, etc…

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In the coming weeks, Andrew and James will continue walking through Luther’s 95 theses and Washer’s indictments against the modern church. After that, they will address popular teaching in the world today-comparing its content to Scripture. Send teachings you would like them to interact with using the contact form at If you are interested in being a guest on the podcast, please include that information.

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