Do we even have a purpose?

Looking back over the creation story, again. It is one of my favorite stories, but it is much more than that. It is real. Have we ever really taken the time to sit back and really think about the creation? If so, it will not hurt for us to think about it again. In Genesis two, the very purpose of all men and women is revealed. We were created simply to worship God.

This is the purpose of all creation: to make known the glory that God already owns infinitely (this is what it means to ‘glorify’ God). In fulfilling this purpose, we receive the up-most possible satisfaction because we are doing exactly what we are designed to do.

God created us in His image. This means that there is a desire that defines us: the desire to be like God. In the beginning, man only knew one way to fulfill this desire: that was to pursue a relationship with God through our worship and His satisfying touch. Then, the serpent pointed out the fact that God gave man a choice. He lied to man telling them that they could be like God simply by making their own way, apart from God (Genesis 3:5). For the first time, man pursued purpose without God. They were utterly dissatisfied.

This brings to light a second purpose for all of God’s children. To reach the lost so that they might also be restored from their fall. We are to be ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20)

I hear too many people questioning what God has called them to do. Too many people say, “I have not been called.” We have all been called. Not to be called is to not be a child of God. This is a hard truth.

In conclusion, all men have one purpose and some men have a second purpose. All men are created to worship God, and those who choose to follow God are called to be ambassadors: this is to work for Christ here on Earth.

How do we know what kind of work we are to do? Begin by asking yourself what kind of talents you have. God gives for a reason. Then, look at where you are with what type of opportunities. God places for a reason. Don’t stay until your called to go, go until you are told to stay.


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