The Pilgrim’s Relevancy Book IX: bad preachers

Christian, Critic and Witness left that place and came to another city: Power. As much of an idol the misconstruction of love became, power ran deeper. Power was a place where self-love was prevalent and where people used the concept of love to control others.

“This is my home-city,” Critic admitted as they entered, “It is where I learned to judge others with reason and to win arguments.” He stopped and looked toward a tall building close to the edge of the city and pointed, “That is where I learned.”


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            The building he pointed at was an embassy for the King. Christian, Witness and Critic walked up to the building and entered it as the Ambassador was addressing his staff.

“This city is one of the most corrupt cities that I’ve seen and things are not like they used to be. We are to the point where our children can’t even go out on the street. We have to remain unified because this world is on a downward slide and it will not stop. We must remain pure and we must remain together!”

As the staff returned to work, the ambassador came to the trio, “Hello Critic, it is good to have you home. How have you fared in the other cities?”

“I met these two friends,” Critic answered, “Christian is from King’s land.”

The ambassador held his hand out as though he wished Christian to shake it, “My name is Aspirant.”

Christian shook his hand, “That was an interesting message you were giving as we walked in.”

“Did you like it?” Aspirant grinned, “I worked hard on it and I hope it brings in more people from our community.”

“Why would that sort of message reach your city?” Christian asked, “It seemed only to paint the city in the worst light and to insinuate that the community had no hope.”

“Well,” Aspirant replied, “I only teach from the King’s book of instructions.”

Christian looked and noticed the instruction manual sitting on the podium at the front, “Okay, but do you actually teach the instructions that are in the book?”

“Of course,” answered Aspirant.

Christian turned his head slightly, “The only reason I ask is because the same King that sent me from His land in order to reach the people of this world is the One who wrote the instructions; and I’m confident that those instructions tell us to be true ambassadors to the world on the King’s behalf.”

Aspirant quickly became defensive, “I am, and the King’s message to people is repent and remain pure.”

“Yet,” Christian smiled, “this doesn’t necessitate a condemnation of the world and its ways. What it does seem to require is that the ambassadors engage the world with love, as the King engages them, and lead the world with love into repentance; for only the King can condemn.”

“That’s open to interpretation, my friend. We should hold the world accountable on the King’s behalf,” Aspirant began to walk back toward the podium.

Christian followed him, “I don’t think it is. Let me ask you why you preach? Because if you preach to convince the world of its wrongfulness, it seems that you may not be any better than those radicals who are also in this city.”

Aspirant did not answer immediately, “You should leave this embassy.”

“We will,” answered Christian, “but you should know that when you preach for power rather than as a service to those who believe, you commit the worst kind of blasphemy. You stay here in your building, and we will go do the King’s work. I hope that you begin to read the instructions more clearly.”

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