The Pilgrim’s Relevancy XVI: Most Religion Hurts

The crowd broke into an uproar and pushed Christian and his comrades to the stage. One man yelled, “What gives you the right to determine what is true for the rest of us?” Another followed, “Your faith has so many contradictions anyway!” Still another blasted, “There is not even evidence that the King exists!” This last trial was overwhelming. There were so many different voices clouding the air. It was no wonder so many people chose not to follow the King. It was interesting, though, that the same people who wanted evidence or proof were also the people who were the most dogmatic about their belief, even beliefs that could not be proven.


Book I, Book XV


            The small group with Christian sat down on the stage area and waited for the crowd to calm. When it finally did, Christian called up one of the men, and he came up. “What is your name, and which burrow do you live in?” asked Christian.

The man replied, “My name is Science and I live in Materialism.”

“Why do you say that the King does not exist?” Christian asked politely.

“Because no one has ever seen him. We know that there is a great chasm because we can see it plainly, but we cannot see what is on the other side, if anything. If we cannot observe it, then it is irrational for us to believe it. Simple.”

“That is simple,” Christian replied, “But it is something quite different than making the claim that the King does not exist. What you seem to be saying is that since you cannot see the King plainly, then you are more rational operating under the assumption that he is not there, but it does not mean he isn’t.”

Science replied, “Can you prove that he is there?”

“Come and see,” Christian answered, “I will take you to him and you can decide for yourself.”

Science would not have it, “Unless I see undeniable proof, I will not even give the King a chance.”

Christian only felt it necessary to point out one more thing, “It is that kind of blind, closed-mindedness that cripples most religious thought. Truth is important and if you only investigated you might discover something great. This is contradictory. As people, we sometimes contradict one-another and ourselves. The King’s character, though, does not depend on our actions just as my character does not depend on yours.”


Christian and those with him left Religion and journeyed all the way back to the chasm where Christian first began his journey. Indeed there was a great need for the insight of the King’s genuine children. There were people who claimed to know the king who did not. There were so many voices that it was difficult to hear that of the true King. Religion had come to be one of the greatest distracters from the King in the world because there were so many.

They found a bridge and crossed over into the presence of the King.

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