The Preacher

Your words, oh God, weigh heavily upon my shoulders as I learn from you and get to know you more deeply than I ever thought possible. When I speak to the audience that you have given me, whomever that may be, the words you have called me to say also weigh heavily upon me. You, oh Lord, allow my own rational intuition to take those words and place them together as I discern, only by your power, how to place those words together and dictate them in a way that is understandable and relevant.

Your words, oh God, weigh heavily upon me, and you reveal to me what you want to be said. The exact, succinct, flow of words inhabits my mind and I am unable to feel relief until I am able to convey the message that you have given me. Your words, oh Lord, weigh heavily upon me, and I meditate on them until the moment that you have chosen for me to release them.

Your words, oh God, weigh heavily upon me, and when I am finally able to present your words to your people, I then feel relief. Then, oh God, your words weigh heavily upon me again.

(Be sure to let your pastors and teachers in the Lord know that you appreciate them)

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