Are You a Faker?

One of the greatest challenges in our society is the challenge to be real, and with all of its different contexts this challenge is probably the most agreed upon challenge presented to us within pop-culture. Many politicians urge their constituents to support them genuinely all the while pushing their own agendas rather than representing those constituents truly. The public school system urges its students to keep an open mind while teaching them what to think instead of how to think. Popular religion seems to give a set of rules in the interest of making people holy instead of realizing that it is impossible for imperfect beings to become perfect or holy on their own. People are encouraged to stand up for what is right insofar as it represents what has been termed ‘politically correct’. We fail to realize that truth becomes impossible in a politically correct society. In a politically correct society, laws become unimportant because someone is going to be offended no matter the law that is written. The justice system ultimately fails in a politically correct society.

One of the greatest challenges in our society is the challenge to be real, and in a society that constantly fakes its ability to be authentic, being ‘real’ becomes just another way of faking it. This is the society that tells us YOLO is about having a good time and that life is about earning a living or rising out of poverty. Do you realize that money was only invented to keep the people who are in power, in power? This is the society that tells us having more dominative power is a good thing and that respect means being obeyed by others. This is the society that states all lifestyles are acceptable as long as they bring happiness. So, these are the things we live by in order to be real. These are the apparent ideals many hold to in spite of the fact that these ideals are the thoughts of the self-contradicting society around us. This evening, then, I would like to ask one simple question: are you a faker?


The duty of man

“When all has been heard, the conclusion of the matter is: fear God and keep His commands, because this is for all humanity. For God will bring every act to judgment, including every hidden thing, whether good or evil.”[1]


Solomon was a man who explored virtually every avenue of life in order to find fulfillment and his conclusion is that our entire existence is about serving the glory of God because it is God who judges all action and all thought. Consider what we believe as the Christian body. We believe that in the beginning God created each mankind in His own image and in His own likeness[2]. We also believe that at one point in time, mankind chose to rebel against God in order to ‘know good and evil’.[3] We believe also that Christ came to redeem mankind by serving as the sacrifice for the sins of mankind.[4] As Christians, we have chosen to trust in Jesus Christ in order that we may be returned to God.[5]

If, in the beginning, God created humanity in His image and in His likeness, then living according to that image is the only way to fulfill a real purpose, the purpose we were designed with. The only way that we can live according to that image is to trust in Christ and live in our relationship with Christ. To put it simply, if the Biblical account is true, and I absolutely believe that it is, the only way to be real is to live according to God’s image and to strive for the standard that God has given us.


A matter of rebellion

Consider the athlete. He works and works: abusing his body and mind so that he will be prepared for victory. Victory is his purpose and those who fail to prepare well for victory earn a place sitting on the sideline. A coach will not play an athlete who is ill prepared. By living according to the contradictory philosophies presented to us by society around us, we become ill prepared for life with a purpose maintained in God’s image. We must condition ourselves by staying in God’s word and must prepare ourselves by following God’s direction in our lives if we are to succeed, if each of us is to live an authentic life. To be real is to rebel against the hedonism that society wants us to buy into. It is to think and act the in the same way no matter where we are or who we are with. It is to strive for perfection. The only way any person on the face of the planet can be authentic, is to strive to be more like God and to serve God’s glory to an even fuller extent. Most of this world is fake. It is nothing new. There have been fakers since Adam sinned in the Garden. There are also few who choose to be authentic.



So, what of you? Will you live as the world, or will you be authentic? Will you live a life worthy of the high calling we have in Christ, or will you sit idly and ill prepared? The choice is yours to make. If you choose to be authentic, to work and to stand as a stranger in this world full of fakers; you will not only have me as an ally, but you will also have the body of believers and the Most High God! It is time that each of you carries on the revolution against the powers of sin in this world. It is time to advance the kingdom of God. It is time that we step off of the sideline and join our brothers and sisters in the field.

[1] Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 HCSB

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[5] Romans 10:9

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